Are you ready for a culinary journey of discovery through the exciting flavors of Mexico?

“Chef’s Table” where our Executive Chef Héctor Cruz Orihuela pleases all the senses with his 8-course tasting menus. Taking ingredients, traditional and contemporary Mexican recipes from different corners of Mexico transforming everything into creative culinary experiences.

Menus are paired with signature cocktails, local craft beers, and showcase some of the exquisite New World wines Mexico has to offer, resulting in a Mexican dining experience for the true foodie at heart!

Our rooftop dining room with capacity for 2 to 8 people with a cozy atmosphere by candlelight in front of the kitchen where you can see our chef in action. Celebrate this experience with your partner or friends!

Chef’s Table is the perfect intimate experience. Suggested start time is between 6:30 and 7:30 pm. All reservations must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance, so please contact us for more information. Price per person: $ 150 USD



Empanada goat cheese with epazote with jalapeño- paptazul with habanero 


Oaxaca cheese with pumpkin flower – tatemada green sauce


Ball cheese with longaniza from Valladolid sikil –pak red sauce Cold Creole pumpkin soup with chaya

Trilogy of ceviches

Caribbean Lobster

Creole lemon juice, passion fruit pupa, coriander, Caribbean güero pepper, salt 

sea with dill, mango, jicama, cucumber and carrot, yellow pea shoots

Ax callus

Lime extract, yellow lemon and wild lemon, olive oil, serrano pepper, Creole coriander , sea salt with

seaweed, guajillo chili oil, seaweed salad, green pea shoots 

Maya Snail

marinated with wild lemon, habanero pepper, coriander, sea salt with Jamaica flower, onion purple

Mayan World Crafts

, organic sprouts Tasting of Mundo Maya Vienna Lager Brewery, India Pale Ale, American Wheat < / span>

Fresh Fish Fillet

marinated with dried chili oil, potato flakes, rustic mashed potatoes-cauliflower -pore with wild mushrooms Valle de Ojos Negros, Del Viko Blanco Colombard Chenin Blanc

Guava Sorbet

Pork belly barbecue

pelón breed endemic to the Yucatan Peninsula ancestral recipe of the Mayan culture – handmade tortillas nixtamalized with holy leaf Giottonini Tinto tempranillo-Shiraz, Sonora Valle de Ures

Chocolate mousse

and praline with passion fruit mouse stumbling nougatine Giotonini Rosé Shiraz Rosé – Biodynamic organic 

Petit fours inspiration

of Mexican candies Champagne Veuve Cliquot

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