Upcoming Dates
From March 3rd to 6th, 2022

Location: Isla de Cozumel, Mexico

Price: From $ 479 USD per person


“Take a deep dive into your next journey”

Dive in Dive out is an invitation to remove all the labels to connect with your authentic self and, from there, live experiences that transcend individually and in community. It is a 4-day getaway to find your balance between mind, body and spirit with opportunities for introspection and individual healing (dive in), and spaces for openness and connection with other people, dance, and ease, letting your body and soul express and live fully (dive out).

Our goal is that these days you remember who you are and what your purpose is, and that you take several tools to align your actions and your daily life with that purpose. Among the tools and experiences that you will live are ecstatic-cacao dance, meditations, yoga classes, nutrition workshop, canoe experience / Mayan crossing, Sunset Beats (DJ + mixology), among others. All this immersed in a natural paradise and with the guidance of our wellness coach to ensure that you live the transformation that everyone needs.



3 Nights, Meal plan with the option to choose 3 times from the menu at each lunch and dinner “starter, main course and dessert”

Only applies fish as animal protein, breakfast includes a hot drink and a cold drink.

Experiences: Mayan canoe, ecstatic dance, snorkeling, yoga, meditation, Sunset Beats & mystical sunset.



Mayan Cozumel Canoe Immerse yourself in the beautiful Caribbean Sea doing an ancient activity, with a unique hand-carved paddle. At sunrise or sunset you will have the privilege of paddling together with 10 people in a replica of a canoe, the same one that was used in pre-Hispanic times to worship the Goddess Ixchel.

Ecstatic Cacao Dance is a space of freedom and awareness, in which you can express yourself through the body and dance with a common thread; the music. A way to rediscover yourself, to communicate, express yourself and connect with yourself, without prejudice or fear, simply being completely and totally present with yourself.

Snorkel Every year Cozumel receives thousands of tourists with the sole desire to swim in its beautiful waters and visit its marine life.

Yoga and mystical sunsets with meditation Connect with your most authentic self in our yoga sessions facing the sea for all levels, as well as with our unique meditation session at sunset, shamanic experience.

Sunset Beats Feel and vibrate at our oceanfront sunset events with music from renowned DJs. Good vibes, mixology, DJ’s, and a Caribbean atmosphere merge to give space to SUNSET BEATS in Cozumel.



Day 1

4:00 PM Check-in

9:00PM Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Ceremony


Day 2

5:30AM Appointment in the lobby (snacks to go)

6:00AM Mayan Experience – Canoe paddles at sunrise

10:00 AM Breakfast at Xulha restaurant

12:00 AM Time to snorkel in the wonderful Caribbean Sea

2:00 PM Lunch at Xulha restaurant

8:00 PM Dinner at Xulha restaurant


Day 3

8:00AM Yoga on the deck

10:00 AM Breakfast at Xulha restaurant

2:00 PM Lunch at Xulha restaurant

8:00 PM Dinner at Xulha restaurant


Day 4

10:00 AM Breakfast at Xulha restaurant

12:00 PM Check out