Massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, exfoliations, Jacuzzi, outdoor wellness area and specialized treatment cabins, aromatherapy and ancient techniques are some of our services that you will find at Spa Heel by B Unique.

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Price in dollars 



Complete legs
Half legs
Bikini area
Under arms


Polish change


Polish change


Hands or feet
Straightening iron on dry hair
$20 -$35 USD
(depending on the length)


The combination of the 50-minute relaxing massage with
personalized aromatherapy essential oils to combat sadness and
anxiety, or another emotion to work. Complemented with facial,
using White Quartz Crystals to harmonize energy.
80 min. $105 USD
Couple $175 USD
Body renewal with organic products
Exfoliation with elements of organic aloe that will renew and remove
dead skin cells, followed by a body wrap of aromatic herbs such as
basil and warm rosemary, nourishing, detoxifying and purifying your
body and spirit. Scalp massage with warm oil, ending with a 20 min
relaxing massage. to nourish and seal the skin. Perfect mix of ancient
techniques and medicines with current elements.
80 min. $280 USD
B Renewed
3 massages of 50 minutes of your choice + use of quartz crystals.
80 min. $180 USD
Couple $290 USD
B Unique (recommended for brides)
Exfoliation + HEEL or 50-minute hot stone massage + Aloe
cleansing facial + manicure + spa pedicure.
80 min. $195 USD


Heel Massage
Our home massage is a combination of dierent techniques that will
help relieve tension from contracted areas, release stress, and relax
muscles. Various massage techniques are used in the dierent areas
of the body and as required by the person: Swedish, deep tissue, lomi
lomi, shiatsu, reflexology and acupressure, seeking to unblock energy
and regain balance of the body and emotions.
50 min. $89 USD
80 min. $125 USD
Couple 50 min. $170 USD
Relaxing Mindful
A relaxing massage throughout the body focused on reducing stress
and connecting with the present moment. It is a holistic therapy,
using aromatherapy, conscious work (mindfulness) and gentle
manipulations to release physical and emotional tension. With
acupressure techniques and Swedish massage, the immune system is
stimulated, blood circulation is increased, helping to eliminate toxic
substances accumulated in the muscles.
25 min. $55 USD
50 min. $79 USD
80 min. $98 USD
Couple 50 min. $155 USD
Reflexology Hands and feets
Thanks to this ancient therapeutic technique from China, we can
benefit the health of the whole body. By applying pressure to specific
areas of the foot and / or hands that correspond to dierent systems
and / or organs of the body, various ailments can be addressed.
Reflexology produces a relaxing eect, stimulates blood and
lymphatic circulation and enhances self-healing. It can be applied as
preventive therapy or to relieve pain, balancing and restoring energy
50 min. $89 USD
80 min. $125 USD
Sac-Be Tired Legs
A set of techniques such as Swedish massage and lymphatic drainage
are applied to regain the lightness and well-being of the feet and legs,
reducing fluid retention, swelling and accumulated fatigue. Natural
ingredients, such as lavender, penetrate, speeding up the feeling of
relief. This massage stimulates blood circulation, stops cramps and
prevents the appearance of varicose veins. Recommended for people
who spend a lot of time a day sitting or standing.
50 min. $92 USD
Deep tissue with Lavander
A combination of anti-inflammatory and aromatherapy with lavender
for relaxation and pain relief in muscles and joints. Our experience
begins guided by our therapists with visualization techniques and
relaxed breathing, combined with a more intense massage technique
to relax the deep fibers of the muscles, tension, stress and fatigue of
the body. Organic lavender oil has been used since ancient times for
its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
50 min. $82 USD
80 min. $108 USD
Couple 50 min. $160 USD
Sport Baaxal Massage
Mix stretching and manipulations to stimulate and oxygenate the
muscles, reducing their stiness. It also benefits the digestive and
circulatory system. Reduces swelling and fluid retention in joints,
provides relief to fatigued and / or sore muscles. Clove and rosemary
essential oils recommended to encourage anti-inflammation.
50 min. $92 USD
Cho´oik Lymphatic
Lymphatic drainage that works several techniques to empty the
lymphatic system in order to reduce and eliminate toxins, reduce
volume of congested areas. Ideal to relieve the feeling of heaviness
and fatigue in the body, stimulating the release of toxins.
50 min. $90 USD
80 min. $115 USD
Choco Tunich Hot Stones
This gentle and deep therapy deeply and delicately spreads the heat
absorbed by the obsidian stones, relaxing the nervous system and
allowing muscle tissue manipulations to be more eective. For the
ancient Mayans, obsidian stones have been a symbol of union
between the celestial world and the earth, and were used for healing,
absorbing negative energies and giving protection to those who used
80 min. $125 USD
Couple 50 min. $210 USD
B Romance
Enjoy a couples massage, you decide if you want to enjoy it in the
cabin or outdoors, where you can enjoy the wonderful view of the
sea; the exclusive access for 30 minutes to the Jacuzzi, rest and
terrace area, as well as enjoying the moment with the aroma of your
choice, 2 glasses of sparkling wine and a plate of strawberries with
chocolate, which will awaken your endorphins, making your moment
Couple 50 min. $235 USD


Ixchel (anti-age)
Facial designed to hydrate and nourish the skin of the face. The
special ingredients of the gel and the action of the BEAUTY PINK
QUARTZ mask enhances the absorption action, and provides a
smooth and constant revitalizing massage to the facial skin. Upon
contact with the skin of the face, the Pink Quartz are activated and
energy cylinders are formed, revitalizing, rejuvenating and beautifying
the skin. Some call it “natural Botox”.
50 min. $78 USD
Aloe Cleaning
Helps clean pores by gently exfoliating and using heat filtration,
ending with the placement of an aloe mask that nourishes, hydrates,
tones and protects against cell oxidation. Leaves skin clean, smooth
and regenerated.
25 min. $45 USD
Sensitive Skin
Specially formulated for the most reactive and sensitive skins that
require freshness after sun exposure. Compresses with Aloe are
placed on the facial skin, regenerating the skin and immediately
calming, protecting and moisturizing it
25 min. $48 USD
Deep Cleaning
Helps clean pores by gently exfoliating and using heat filtration,
ending with the placement of an aloe mask that nourishes, hydrates,
tones and protects against cell oxidation. Leaves skin clean, smooth
and regenerated.
80 min. $90 USD


Body Exfoliation
The benefit of Aloe and the combination of oils help purify the body.
Tones muscles and supports metabolism and detoxification. Reduces
the signs of cellulite, age and fat. The combination of Rosehip Oil
Argan Oil Vitamin E are rich in antioxidants that heal and rejuvenate
the skin. Mineral salts contain vitamins and stimulate blood circulation
25 min. $48 USD


Solar Repair
The perfect wrap to regenerate cells, relieve pain and inflammation
after overexposure to the sun, showing immediate results, it is a
natural anti-inflammatory, stimulates the production of collagen,
lubricates the skin, muscles and joints in depth, helps accelerate the
cicatrization. It also helps to relieve skin symptoms such as eczema,
psoriasis, rosacea, among others; it is antibacterial and works at the
cellular level. It has Omegas 3, 6 and 9, and antioxidants.
50 min. $78 USD
Hot stone massage 50 minutes + Aloe cleansing facial 25 minutes
$ 2,440 mxn
Solar repair wrap 50 minutes + Facial 25 minutes sensitive skin
$ 2,280 mxn
Heel massage 80 minutes + Ixchel anti-aging facial 50 minutes
$ 3,660 mxn
Relaxing massage 50 minutes + Body scrub of 25 minutes
$ 2,300 mxn