Hours: 07:00 pm

Duration approx: 2 hrs

Date: Once a month, ask for the next date.

Place: Costeñito Bistro, Hotel B Cozumel

Address: Av. Rafael E. Melgar km 2.5, Zona Hotelera Nte. Cozumel

Donation: $ 250 mxn


We invite you to start a path of self-knowledge through theoretical, practical, therapeutic and somatic sessions.

We will dedicate this activity time to interacting with each other on the idea of ​​forming a circle that allows us to advance in learning and to recognize ourselves in our own needs in order to attend to them.

This is a safe space in which they can express themselves and share with other women, it is a space in which through the circle we share and enjoy different therapeutic activities that benefit us and help us relax.

The topics discussed in the circles are very diverse; there are circles of meditation, of creating mandalas, of planting a garden together; circles in which they talk about sexuality, nutrition, self-care, the goddesses of each woman, menstruation, chakra crystals etc …

The space of the circle is a sacred area in which you become aware of where and why you are in it. In the center there is usually an altar where ceremonial objects are placed: candles, flowers, incense, crystals, feathers, shells, photos, books … that invite you to connect with the intimate.

“There are circles that in the center place a cane of the word that each woman takes when she wants to speak, or the cane is passed clockwise, so that everyone can express themselves”