On Wednesday, May 3, 2023, at 6:00 PM at Hotel B Cozumel, the talented siblings from Guadalajara, Carlos Gómez and Adry del Rocío, renowned for their urban murals in over 20 countries, captured the magic of Ixchel, the goddess of prosperity and abundance revered on the island of Cozumel.

In the heart of the enchanting Mexican island of Cozumel, nestled within the bustling walls of a charming hotel, a remarkable story was quietly unfolding. This tale was a tribute to the ancient roots, beliefs, and mysticism that had shaped the culture of the island for centuries. At its heart was a hand-painted mural, a masterpiece created by two gifted siblings who had embarked on a journey to honor the island’s rich heritage, with the goddess Ixchel as their guiding light.

Ixchel, a revered figure in Mayan mythology, is a symbol of fertility, medicine, and the moon. Her name alone carries the weight of generations of tradition, and her spirit is infused in every corner of Cozumel. For the islanders, Ixchel is more than a deity; she is a living memory of their ancestors and a symbol of the eternal connection between the people and the land they call home.

The mural that was envisioned was to be a beacon of cultural enlightenment and a testament to the importance of preserving the island’s ancient wisdom in the face of modernity. The art of muralism was chosen, a powerful medium that would not only honor the past but also breathe life into the tradition in a way that resonated with the island’s contemporary spirit.

This mural was a metaphor, a dance of colors and forms that harmoniously intertwined the four elements with the profound Mayan culture—representing the essence of water, earth, air, and fire in a mesmerizing display of artistry.

For the element of water, there’s a breathtaking underwater world filled with vibrant blue tones. Schools of fish swim among the coral reefs, their scales shimmering under the gentle touch of sunlight. The azure hues and the mesmerizing marine life transports onlookers to the depths of the surrounding Caribbean Sea. 

The earth, symbolized by the lush and vibrant jungle, is depicted in perfect balance. The pygmy raccoon, a unique endemic species of the island, plays among the tropical foliage, reminding all who gaze upon the mural of the importance of preserving the island’s delicate ecosystems.

The element of air is personified by the hummingbird. Its iridescent feathers glisten as it flutters among the blossoms. The tiny bird represents the flight towards freedom, a nod to the island’s eternal connection to the sky and its boundless potential.

And then, at the heart of this mesmerizing mural, is the power of the Mayan deity, Ixchel herself as she stands tall. On her head, she wears a serpent crown, a symbol of her wisdom and authority. Her upper body cradles the moon, which guides the tides and the island’s people. She is adorned in clothing and makeup characteristic of the pre-Hispanic culture, and she is embellished by intricate handicrafts, a testament to the island’s deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship.

The mural is now more than just paint on a wall; it is a living testament to the island’s heritage. It beckons to visitors, urging them to embrace the traditions and beliefs that had shaped Cozumel for centuries. It is a call to preserve the environment, to honor the island’s unique ecosystems, and to champion sustainable tourism.

In the end, this masterpiece is not just a mural; it is a declaration of love for the roots, a tribute to the island’s rich culture, and a promise to keep the magic of Cozumel alive. As the sun sets over the Caribbean Sea and casts its warm glow upon the mural, the goddess Ixchel seems to smile, her eyes reflecting the beauty and resilience of the island she has watched over for countless generations.

This emblematic mural, created in collaboration with the ADN collective, is now open for visits and admiration by our community at Hoteles B Cozumel and B Unique, as well as our beloved community on the island of Cozumel.

Galería – Mural de la Diosa Ixchel